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Here you’ll find new model-advices for your construction kit.

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Build your own Model in Four easy steps


Select your Kit

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Choose your Model

Explore and choose your model from already constructed models


Print Construction Manual

Download and Print the construction manual to build your own model


Customize the Model

Download the customizable file to customize your model with our desktop software

For your ease Each Model has these Features

360o View

Drag the model from left to right to get a 360 degree view

Model Dimensions

In Quadro MDB we are also providing you dimensions for each model.

QDF and Construction Manual

Download or print construction manuals and QDF to build or customize your own models

Spare parts Needed

In our Quadro MDB we are providing you a detailed overview of parts lists required to different models

Age Requirement

For each model we are providing minimum recommended age for your kids to help you make better decision

Required Kits (Only at Combinations)

For our combination models you may require additional kits.